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Join Lumphanan Paths Group


Lumphanan Paths Group is a community voluntary organisation, which aims to improve and develop paths for walking and cycling in and around Lumphanan and to develop new paths connecting Lumphanan with other communities.

The information that you provide to Lumphanan Paths Group will be used to process your membership application and to administer the activities of the Group.

We will use your contact details to provide you with information about the activities of Lumphanan Paths Group or for other purposes to do with the operations of the Group.

We will not share your information with any third parties unless we have asked for your consent to do so.

We will store your information as long as that information is needed to fulfill the requirements of Lumphanan Paths Group operations, or until you ask us to stop using your information. When you cease to be a member, the information we have collected about you will be deleted from our records.

For more details on the use and management of your personal information please see our full PRIVACY NOTICE and DATA PROTECTION POLICY.



If you need further information please contact us at:

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