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Cairnbeathie track improvements

We have secured funding from King George V Wind turbine community fund towards fence and drainage improvements along the Cairnbeathie Track, on the route to Kincardine O' Neil. We are in the process of sourcing further funds and getting quotes. We plan to have the work done before winter 2020.

Update November 2020: Fencing work to prevent livestock from straying onto the path has now been carried out. Safer for people and beasts!


Bench refurbishment

Have you noticed the benches keep disappearing? Don't worry - they are now re-appearing! 

Thanks to a grant from Marr Area Committee, we have been removing them for refurbishment. We expect the benches will be completed in 2020. Thanks to contractors LSM Services Deeside Ltd for doing this work, and for donating a replacement for the bench next to the church.

Update October 2020 - another bench is in place - see Facebook for more info and pictures. They look fantastic! Thanks also to local resident Craig Lindsay of Core Specialist Services, Aberdeen for a donation on behalf of his company towards the Lover's Lane bench refurbishment.


Way finding - signage & leaflet

​​Lost? Don't worry - we have a project to help you find your way!


We have secured funding from Scotways and Paths for All for signage and a leaflet covering routes north and south of Lumphanan. This will include metal 'finger' direction signs on posts and way-marking arrow discs for existing posts, complemented by a leaflet which maps and describes the walks. We plan to have this work done by the end of March 2021.

Update April 2021: installation of signs and waymarking posts is almost complete! The leaflet is now available in local shops and eateries in Lumphanan, Kincardine O'Neil, Torphins, Aboyne and Tarland. See Lumphanan Walks page to download a copy. There are also links to the routes and descriptions on Ordnance Survey Routes. Handy for your phone.

Information boards


Tom Main

​​Lumphanan's village and stunning scenery is steeped in history and  hosts an amazing diversity of wildlife.   There is so much to see - if you know what to look for! We are working up plans for interpretation boards so that path users can find out about local features of interest.  Watch this space!

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Path maintenance

​Throughout the year we hold work parties to maintain our path network. Current events can be seem on our home page.


Our committee and volunteers have been working hard this year to keep routes clear for you! Thanks to all for their efforts.

Find out when these are and how to get involved here.


Paths development and funding

​​Our two sub-groups are always working hard to search for funding and develop projects ideas for paths. Please visit our get involved page if you would like to contribute to the work of the group.